Our Customers

Take care of the Customer

We are Flexible

We thrive to have long term, loyal, trustworthy relationships with our customers. We establish a long term relationships with our customers based on understanding their needs. And based on this understanding, we become flexible from the points below:


We offer an exceptional cost effective and world class testing services.

Customer Driven Process

We are very flexible to the customer. Our Customer's needs may vary, depending on the sector, size of the project, location and timelines. Our services are therefore customer-driven and can be flexibly adapted to new requirements at any time. This applies to service customization, cost negotiation and onsite-availability.

Specialization & fast adapt to new Technologies

We believe that specialization is a key ingredient to success. DoubleVee is solely specialized in the field of software testing. We have an extensive knowledge and experience that makes us understand your needs quickly.

We achieve through our satisfied employees

The customer and the employee are the two main reasons behind our existence. DoubleVee aims to achieve the highest levels of employee and customer satisfaction. We believe that employee satisfaction will lead to exceptional customer satisfaction. We are always focusing on maintaining positive climate for the people. DoubleVee is a place for top testing talents to work together, innovate, and synergize.