QoS Measurement Services

QoS / QoE Measurement Services

DoubleVee includes test of quality of service or experience (QoS / QoE) from the end user perspective on mobile networks.

The measurement process tests the most common services used by the clients. It will include measuring the appropriate KPIs to analyze and understand the quality of service on the end user experience for the mobile network. We evaluate the results by testing the response of the targeted applications to see whether the QoS goals have been reached.

DoubleVee offers automated end-to-end testing solutions for QoS and QoE. Measurements are taken at the communication endpoint (rather than in network nodes), giving the operator in-depth insights into network perception from the eye of an end user. Types of services we capture KPIs for:

  • Video Streaming
  • Audio Streaming
  • Web Browsing
  • Real Time Communication
  • File Download / Upload


We use tangible devices such as data sticks and smartphones.

We provide " TESTING ON SITE"

Where you are located, we have a team that is available to reach your location and test on site.

BENIFINTS from our automated QOS/QOE service

  • Extended testing time because of continuous automated tests
  • Best reflection of end-user experience
  • Fast identification and localization of service and network issues, before actual service degradation
  • Full control of the testing scope