Software Testing

Testing Services

DoubleVee is specialised in verifying and validating four software quality characteristics. We are delighted to offer the following testing services:

  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Operational Testing
  • Security Testing

These services could be applied from an end-to-end perspective, or on a specific component or layer (front-end, middleware, backend).

Automation service

DoubleVee includes test automation for products and applications across multiple domains. Our expertise ranges from usage of different testing tools to developing customized tools. DoubleVee test automation is based on tool independent frameworks that are easy to use.

Mobile Automation Service

DoubleVee is specialized in Mobile Application Testing Automation. We understand that Mobile applications are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and that's why Automated testing is a highly effective approach to mobile applications guaranteed quality assurance. We provide mobile automation testing by using the right tools, architecture, factoring in cross-platform challenges (Tablets & Mobiles). We provide the following automation mechanisms:

  • User agent-based automation
  • Cloud-based automation
  • Lab-based automation (devices/simulators)