DoubleVee understands the fast pace nature for developing applications.

DoublebVee introduces the Valor Certification for desktop, Web & Mobile applications as the application under test will go into a period of testing or a trial journey before the application declared operational to the public.

The Valor Certification can be completed within days, allowing you to have insights if their application is ready for public usage or still having major issues.

Our team will check your application and reply with the cost for your confirmation.

Once we receive your confirmation, the testing will start right away and will be completed within days on the appropriate platforms with our experienced testers.

What will you get in return once test is complete?

A defect report

The report will indicate the detected defects found in your application with our expert explanation/analysis of impact of these defects on your market. In other words, we will check if your application has the Valor effect to meet public.

Valor Certification

A certification from DoubeVee that marks your application among one of the recommended application from our side. This will include as well shout outs to our clients for you application as well on through on our website and on our Social media (Facebook, LinkedIn… etc).

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